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2023 Player Registrations

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

As of the 9th of January, player registrations are officially open for all ages from MiniRoos to Seniors.

You can view the official fees for registration at ATWFC at the link below.

Both new and returning players can begin the registration process using the link below or by heading directly to the Play Football website and following the prompts as instructed.

Any queries about registering to play football at Across the Waves Football Club can be directed to our Club Registrar Luke McKendry (email:

Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of registration at Across the Waves Football Club (ATWFC) is subject to players meeting all of the requirements of membership which includes:

1. Registration of player in Play Football,

2. Payment of registration fees for the year or payment plan agreed with Treasurer,

3. Becoming a full member of The Waves Sports Club (player if over 18 or 1 parent if under 18).

4. International clearance if appropriate.

The club attempts to accept the registration of all players. In certain circumstances however numbers must be capped to ensure the correct amount of players in each team or age group. In instances where this occurs, players will be registered on a 'first come' basis. ATWFC reserves the right to not register players in teams where the total quota of players is reached. In this event a player or parent will be notified and any monies paid will be refunded.

It is the policy of ATWFC to attempt to keep players in teams from season to season. ATWFC will also consider requests for players to play together in teams. Whilst every attempt is made to be guided by these principles, certain circumstances do not allow this and ATWFC reserves the right to allocate players to teams as they see fit.

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