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Our Life Members

Almost every club in every sport is run by volunteers who give many hours of their time to support their club. Without the hard work and dedication of these volunteers clubs simply could not continue to run.  There are some individuals though who go above and beyond and give extra over extended periods of time and these volunteers are rewarded by clubs with Life Membership.  Across the Waves Football Club does not offer Life Membership sparingly and every Life Member of our football club has earnt their place in our Club's storied history.  Following is a list of the men and women who are Life Members of Across the Waves Football Club. 

Giovanni Zandona (Dec)
Ernie Sergicomi (Dec)
Giovanni Ciocca (Dec)
Gary Black
Antonio Castro
Clive Baldwin (Dec)
Bruce Crane
Roberto Bardini
Warren Hunt (Dec)
Michael Turner Snr
Bev Turner
Jim Harkness (Dec)
Ken Trotter
Giovanni M Giovannoni
Ian Cobban
Shaun Aslett
Roberto Asnicar
Peter Kleidon
Michele (Mic) Giovannoni
Giannino (John) Brillante
Tam Findlayson
Peter Zandona
Michael McLachlan
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