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Across the Waves Football Club is based out of The Waves Sports Complex. We are fortunate to have the best playing facilities in Regional Queensland, with three well-maintained pitches, 3 large stands for supporters to watch in comfort, modern change room facilities and a large bar.


As a foundation sub-club of Across the Waves Sports Group, we are fortunate to have the backing of Queensland's best sports club. The Waves Sports Club is one of the largest entertainment facilities in the Wide Bay and has received numerous awards for excellence.


Across the Waves Football Club enjoys the benefits of training and playing on class facilities and has the added bonus of a great sports club for our players and members to enjoy a meal and a beer.  


Without doubt the facilities offered to members of Across the Waves Football Club are second to none and as a player of ATWFC you can be sure that you have the best to work with. Our commitment to providing high level facilities is based on the view that if we provide the highest class of facilities, we can allow our players and coaches to simply focus on the football.

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