Across the Waves Football Club is attempting to improve the range of apparel it has available for players, officials and supporters to puchase. We  now have a great range to suit every style and budget and we are sure to have something so that you can proudly show your club colours!  


The committee at various times throughout the year will be taking orders for Polo shirts, Hoodies and Team Wear Jackets.  We have Hoodies available for supporters and players to try on for correct fitting.


The Waves Sports Club also has a few items of apparel available for purchase and these can be purchased directly at the Club.


For any questions about apparel or orders please contact Rick Irvine on 0477 090 580. 

Available by ordering from committee

Available to purchase at The Waves Sports Club

The Waves Sports Club also has a number of items of apparel available for purchase.  These items should be purchased directly from the staff at reception and include:


- Bucket Hat

- Sports Cap

- Club Neck Tie

- Stubby Coolers


Note that whilst The Waves Sports Club does sell polo shirts, these shirts do not have the official Football Club emblem.  Polo shirts should only be purchased from the committee of the football club so that the polo shirt you wear represents the football club you support.